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This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time. You are not infinity. You can never live to be as old as the sands in Egypt. Instinctively, you know this. This is why you were born into this world kicking and screaming instead of a huge smile on your face. You know that once you’re here, there’s no going back. Your life is going to be one long battlefield and you’ll need all the wits that you can gather in order to survive. George Santayana once said that “To fight is a radical instinct; if men have nothing else to fight over they will fight over words, fancies, or women, or they will fight because they dislike each other's looks, or because they have met walking in opposite directions.” But you know what’s odd other than the recent powerpop-aka-emo fad and imbecilic politicians? The fact that people only get one chance to live, gifted with just one lifetime, yet they spend it mostly fighting over something instead of fighting for something.

Try to remember the last time you fought over something with a friend or an enemy. Now try to remember the last time you fought for something that means something. There’s just no comparison. Chuck D. says, “Fight the power.” The Beastie Boys say, “You gotta fight for your right to party”. You turn on the television and learn of activists fighting for human rights in America, contestants fighting for a million dollars in Survivor and Ethiopians fighting for their survival in Africa. But then you pass by two guys in the Aggies lobby fighting over a black G-tech pen. Brilliant! Somewhere in Africa a 5-year-old kid diagnosed with AIDS is being treated by a relief aid worker who has not been able to eat a decent meal in weeks while right here in the campus a pen is being sabotaged by two pimply guys. Just bloody brilliant! It makes you wonder, is there anything worse than fighting over something so stupid?

Actually, there is. The worse thing than fighting over something really stupid is not having a single thing to fight for. Here in Xavier University, election has already ended yet the campus still reeks of the strong metaphorical smell of people who fought over whatever position they sought to covet. You heard them relentlessly promote themselves and you nod, as if in agreement and understanding, to what most of them ranted. Sure, you know what they were fighting over. They were fighting over powerful positions. But did you know what they were fighting for? Or that if they were indeed fighting for anything at all? This is important more than you think it is because these people are whom you’ve chosen to lead your struggle as an Atenean. And if those that you’ve chosen to be in these position have nothing truly essential to fight for… then this says a lot about you too. You’ve got nothing to fight for. And that’s a bummer.

A Swahili Warrior song says “Life has meaning only in the struggle. Triumph or defeat is in the hands of the gods. So let us celebrate the struggle.” At the end of the day, it’s not the victory or the defeat that counts but the struggle that you went through to get there. So when you stop fighting, you stop living. We all need that thing that's worth fighting for and maybe it's a certain someone, a special place, a great cause or maybe just an idea. But we all need it. So, fellow Swahili warriors, ask yourselves this: What are you fighting for?
Written for The Veritas Portfolio 2006-2007.
vasalmon Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2007

Sorry, I had to answer your question starting like that. Back to the point: whole heartedly Ragnarok! That's what I'm fighting for. I should make some lewd comment now about how well I'll be rewarded in Valhalla by Valkyries, but I'm not in a cheery enough mood to, and it's too far from the point.

Each struggle is unique, and I hope one day that my struggle will become so externalized, so many things successful in my life that I can actually help others with theirs. So far I'm getting my Cellular Molecular and Microbiology degree and gunning for medschool. Remember, it's the the death at the hands of the Canadian Student Loan Collections Agency ninja that gets sent after me--it's the suffering through the school that matters.


PS: Oh yeah, and to explain the whole Odin thing: check this out: (It's a single panel comic done by my friends as part of their Isotopes of Bismuth web comic)
willow09 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
:lmao: That made my day. Personally, I'm a Greek fan but your friend's Odin almost made me drop my laurel wreath for a viking hat.

I used to play Ragnarok too... until it became TOO addictive for my own good.

But, anyway, medschool? That's HUGE! :wow: I salute you!
vasalmon Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2007
When I said Ragnarok, I didn't mean playing the on-line game. I meant Ragnarok. :) Glad you found Odin funny. His webcomic is available on [link] and right now, Euler is fighting Godzilla and one of his mathmatician friends has shown up in a mech... I personally think it got out of hand last week, but they're not in Tokyo watching a famous mathmetician with an accent fighting godzilla while Godzilla makes mathematical slurs about the mathematician's mother.

I'm glad you think it's great that I'm attempting Medschool, but I'm not in yet. I'm getting my Big Brothers volunteer experience this summer, my experience teaching little kids science next summer (that's 11.50 an hour paid, though), and the hopefully when I apply I'll come across as not just a nice person, but one who's actually volunteered. If I could maintain a 3.8 average, I would be happier, though. Not happening this semester. I'm struggling to keep marks good enough to go. If it drops below 3.6, I'm pretty much boned and will have to do something with my lousy Cellular Molecular and Microbiology Degree-- pfft! I hate microbiology too!... well, unless it's immunology. Hey- I could go into Immunology. I just realized that I'm writing all this on-line in a post... *sigh* Well that's sleep deprivation for you.

I completed a 1400 word essay yesterday at midnight before beginning my lab report. The essay was due 9:30 this morning; the lab report 2:30 PM. I then had a lab exam that I was too tired to even look over a second time. Hense the retardulously long post. Peace out.
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